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Officially verified documents

An officially verified document is a photocopy of an original document that has been signed and dated for authenticity by an authorised person. When you apply for admission you will be given the opportunity to upload electronic versions of your documents. You might also be required to provide verified hard copies of documents. We will contact you if this is the case.

Who can officially verify documents?

You can bring your original documents to the Campus Information Services counter at any campus and we can verify and photocopy them for you. Below is a list of other authorised people that can verify your documents.

Please note: If your study was completed at universities who use My eQuals you can send a link to your verified digital documents via My eQuals. Please see how to request your certified digital transcript. When using My eQuals please enter as the third party address and include your date of birth in the filename for matching purposes. Please note that we cannot accept a printed copy of the verified digital document that has not been authenticated.

Students residing in New Zealand

  • Justice of the Peace (JP), Public Notary, Court Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Public Trust Officer. View our list of Justices of the Peace at Massey University.
  • Barrister or Solicitor of the High Court
  • Local or Central Government employee designated for the purpose of taking oaths and declarations
  • Kaumatua (for whakapapa statement only). An officially verified copy of a whakapapa statement is acceptable only when a student cannot obtain a birth certificate. Both the student and a Kaumatua must sign the whakapapa as evidence of identity and citizenship.

Students residing outside of New Zealand

  • A registered Massey University education agent, Justice of the Peace (JP) or Public Notary
  • Registrar of a tertiary institution or deputy
  • University academic or administrative staff
  • New Zealand education institution staff
  • Officials of the issuing institution (NZ or overseas) For overseas students’ academic documents can be officially verified by an authorised officer of the issuing tertiary institution.
  • A Trade New Zealand Offshore Education Centre, Embassy, High Commission or Consulate General

How to get documents officially verified

  • Photocopy each side of the original document
  • Take the originals and photocopy to a person who can officially verify documents
  • The verifier must identify their official designation on the front of each page of the copy (preferably with an official stamp), sign and date the copy and write the following words (or words to the same effect) ‘This is a true copy of an original document that I have sighted’.
  • Officially verified documents must have the original signature or they cannot be accepted

Where to send documents

When you apply for admission you will be given the opportunity to upload electronic versions of your verified documents. Alternatively you can post these to us at the addresses stated below.

Please note: Officially verified documents will not be returned to you. For your security, please do not send original identity documents as we cannot guarantee the secure return of these documents to you.


Admissions Team
Student Administration
Massey University
Private Bag 11 222
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand


Admissions Team
Student Administration
Massey University
Centennial Drive
Palmerston North 4410
New Zealand

Additional information

  • Faxed documents will only be accepted from the issuing tertiary provider or a Massey University registered education agent.
  • Translated documents in languages other than English must be translated into English then verified in English.

Documents required for admission

When you apply for admission to the University you will be able to upload documents that prove your identity and basis for admission. You might also be required to provide verified hard copies of documents. We will contact you if this is the case. You may also have to upload additional documents. For information about some of the documents you may have to upload see: